Bail Bonds for Drug Crimes

There are serious consequences when people are arrested on drug-related charges. There have also been instances when court approval is needed to post the bail bond. This is called a 1275.1 hold in which the court needs to verify or source the funds being used to post bail to ensure that it did not come from any illegal or felonious means. The Agents of Affordably Easy Bail Bonds specialize in 1275.1 holds and can prepare the necessary documentation to underwrite the bond and present to the judge in court for the hearing to lift the hold. It is always helpful to have a bondsmans in your corner with the experience of 1275.1 holds since the process takes longer to get on a court docket to schedule the hearing and then have the opportunity to present the documentation. Because illegal substances have the potential to do irreversible damage to all people involved with such substances and this is why there are very strict laws in place to deal with those situations and this is why anyone involved with illegal substances will most likely be investigated and in most cases an arrest will be made and the person may end up in jail.

This is always a very serious situation to be in and therefore it is also very helpful if there is a family member available who will be able to post bail which may help in the release process.

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