Bail Bonds Benicia

Bail Bonds Benicia

Benicia is a city near the waterside of Solano County in California. It was the capital of the state for almost a month and then it discontinued as the capital. The population has been increasing since the last census. It is located on the bank of Carquinez Strait. The city is divided into four parts. But most of the old homes are in the east and west sides.

Major Benicia Attractions:

Benicia Historical Museum:
The museum is also called as Camel Barns. It highlights the history of military activities of Benicia. The place got its unique name because the US army experimented by using camels as pack animals. You should surely make a visit here.

The scenic waterfront:
The place is blessed with excellent scenic beauty. A waterfront is a place that you will love. There are many sea sports activity done here. It is one of the major attractions of Benicia. It will be a great outing on a bright sunny day. The waterfront is a host to many festivals and events as well.

The Clock Tower:
The tower was built in 1859. Initially, there were two towers built, but there were damaged in a mishap in 1912. Then there was one tower that was remade. It is worth a look in the itinerary.


The city got its name from the first Generals wife. The city had a mere population of 7000 people. But later grew steadily at the rate of 1000 people per mile. Now the population is steadily growing.

Ethnicity and Demographics

According to the last census most of the people live in proper houses. The population has been growing considerably. Almost 70% of people here belong to the white. The Latino and the Native American are followed next. Majority of the population belongs to the working class.

Bail Bonds Benicia

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