Bail Bonds Belmont

Bail Bonds Belmont

Belmont is a residential area in San Mateo County, South Bay, California. The city united in the year 1926. The name appears to be Italian but it is actually because of its symmetrically rounded eminence that it was named Belmont. The place has public health services and you can easily find Bail Bonds Belmont services when there is an emergency need to get bail.

Major Belmont Attractions:

One would definitely explore the place and think of the best places that can be visited. Though this is not a destination that tourists visit again and again. But certain well-known places in Belmont are the San Mateo County History Museum, amusement parks, and shopping areas. Belmont attracted attention due to the smoking ordinance passed in January 2009 that bans smoking in all businesses and multi-story apartments. The ordinance is declared as one of the strictest in the nation.


Belmont means “beautiful mountain,” and a location that included the El Camino Real, and the original canyon road, how could a city not fail to prosper? The main reason is that Belmont is a city with origins older than the county itself. When California prepared for its first state government in the year 1850, San Mateo County was not in existence. Instead, it made up the southern portion of the County of San Francisco. In 1853, when the other 27 counties were divided up, there still wasn’t a San Mateo County, but Belmont existed.

Ethnicity and Demographics

Belmont has a population of around 6,923 residents which includes 3,372 male residents and 3,551 female residents. The entire number of households is 2,588 with an average of 3 people per household. The median age of the population is 43 and nearly 3,062 people married and 2,779 single. The employment numbers show that the white collar employees are 82.36% and blue-collar employees are 17.64% in Belmont.

Bail Bonds Belmont

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