For Attorneys

For Attorneys
Attention Criminal Defense Attorneys. We understand that how we interact with your clients is a reflection on your professionalism as well as ours and that is why we conduct ourselves with respect for all who seek our assistance at all times and stand by them through the entire process. Affordably easy specializes in complex, “hard to bail” cases and has the ability to underwrite bail bonds of any size nationwide. There is “no bond too large” . We also have the most experience when it comes to federal bail bonds. Clients who have hired a criminal defense attorney typically save 30% on their bail fees. Affordablyeasy also provides interest free payment plans which allow clients to have more funds to pay legal expenses.
Save Your Client 30% on Bail
It is Affordablyeasy’s policy to provide a 30% discount for people who retain private counsel. Save your client 30% on bail now. Have them contact Interest Free Payment Plans will work with your client’s finances by providing interest free flexible terms. Let post bail for your clients now so they can focus on their case. We make it affordable and easy, we are affordablyeasy
Drop By Warrants System
Does your client have an outstanding warrant? Affordablyeasy’s “Drop By” warrant system will save your clients time, money and the embarrassment of getting booked. We will post your client’s bail at the time of surrender so they can avoid being in custody and avoid a lengthy release process.
Court Assistance
Affordablyeasy’s staff has the experience with appearing for PC 1275 hearings and reinstatement hearings if required. Our agents are professionally prepared to assist clients and counsel in court. Our friendly knowledgeable agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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